El Pomar Space Gallery

Explore a wide variety of space artifacts and interactive exhibits.

Sponsor: El Pomar Foundation


The El Pomar Space Gallery is supported by a grant from the El Pomar Foundation. The El Pomar Foundation specializes in making grants to nonprofit organizations in Colorado. Visit www.elpomar.org.

Current Moon Exploration

Although astronauts last walked on the Moon in 1972, the exploration of the Moon with robotic spacecraft has… [more]

Scale Model Rockets

Rockets boost objects from the ground into orbit, moving at speeds of at least five miles per second, or 25 times the… [more]

Mission to Europa

Take on the role of an Aquanaut, Biologist, or Communications Officer in this interactive, hands-on exhibit!

Scott Carpenter Station

Built by NASA to provide an undersea analog for the isolated environment of space.

Launch to the Moon

Explore the early lunar exploration and discoveries that resulted from both the Soviet and American experience.

Soviet and U.S. Space Suits

Space suits serve as self-contained spaceships that protect astronauts from extreme temperatures, micrometeoroids and… [more]

Lunar Module

See the spacecraft that allowed the Apollo astronauts to land on the Moon.

Space Food

Food eaten on space missions today is more sophisticated - and much tastier - than Apollo-era space food.

Mars Viking Lander

The imagery produced by the Viking program revolutionized our thinking about the presence of water on Mars.


Spacelab was the scientific laboratory used aboard the Space Shuttle.

Sponsor: El Pomar Foundation