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Teacher Liaisons

Applications are no longer being accepted for this year's Teacher Liaison program. Please check back next year.

Introducing Space Foundation's International Teacher Liaison Flight 19-22!

Sharon Boese

Tanya Anderson

St. Joan of Arc Catholic School

Lisle, Illinois


"I am continually looking for ways to excite and inspire students to learn not only about the world around them, but also about our place in the universe."
Sharon Boese

Beverly Berekian

Ball Junior High School

Lakewood, California


"I am committed to using space, human space exploration and space flight as a phenomenon to introduce any new topic and start each school day with a 'Mission Briefing' as well as a 'Flight Readiness Review.'"
Sharon Boese

Ray Bielecki

AstroNuts Kids Space Club

Cochrane, Alberta


"Dream big . . . and go make a difference in the world!"
Sharon Boese

Melinda Bradley

Space Foundation

Colorado Springs, Colorado


"Every educator has their own strengths and weaknesses that once shared, can help utilize those for a collaborative culture."
Sharon Boese

Jackie Carpenter

One Giant Leap Australia Foundation

South Windsor, New South Wales


"My passion is to share resources and network with other likeminded educators, building bridges across the globe. "
Sharon Boese

Christi Chapman

Donald Leonetti Elementary

Missouri City, Texas


"Through the lens of space science, I integrate skills from all the other content areas in order to teach vocabulary, strengthen writing skills, and engage students in learning."
Sharon Boese

Zeynep Ceren Çiftsüren

100. Yıl Atatürk Ortaokulu

Efeler, Aydın


"None of us learned how to do anything well by being talked at. We learn best by doing — getting our hands dirty and making our own mistakes."
Sharon Boese

Alex Grab

Space Foundation

Manitou Springs, Colorado


"Students need to have an active role and unique interaction with content to create a stronger path to inquiry, discovery learning, and ultimately STEM careers."
Sharon Boese

Melisa Jones

Winter Springs Elementary School

Sanford, Florida


"I love to learn new things and bring the joy of learning to my students, by offering them hands-on innovative lessons that focus on these areas."
Sharon Boese

Amy Kranich

Kenwood Elementary School

Fort Walton Beach, Florida


"I love finding new ways to make math and science come alive for my students. I have found that teaching these subjects through engineering, aviation, aeronautics, and space are the perfect conduits to teach my students in a fun and exciting way."
Sharon Boese

Pamela Kraus

Smoky Hill Education Service Center

Salina, Kansas


"I am passionate about connecting Kansas teachers with high quality resources that will have an impact in their classroom and ignite an interest in space education!"
Sharon Boese

Emily Lehnardt

Evergreen Junior High School

Salt Lake City, Utah


"Space exploration is moving quickly. We need to prepare our students to understand human discoveries and use STEM skills to create future innovations."
Sharon Boese

Melva Manalu


Bogor, West Java


"I want to take part in equipping and inspiring the young generation (learners) in Indonesia about space education and exploration and to inspire them to be the first astronaut(s) from my country."
Sharon Boese

Antonio Marcio Rennó Matos

Colégio XIX de Março

Itajubá, Minas Gerais


"I am a dreamer! Since my first scholarship in 2017 at Space Camp I decided to spread science to those students who had no opportunities in life. So, I have talked to 5,810 students in 35 schools, in 22 cities, in 4 Brazilian states, and 5 countries in these 4 years. I have a commitment to making our schools a better place for learning in Brazil!"
Sharon Boese

Ronda McCarthy

St. Theresa Catholic School

Des Moines, Iowa


"I want my students, and all students, to know that I believe in them and that they can follow their dreams to become scientists, engineers, and yes, even work for NASA some day! Iowa Students Can!"
Sharon Boese

Christopher Mick

Space St. Croix

Hudson, WI


"Getting teachers with no previous exposure excited about space and STEM can provide an opportunity for new allies and supporters of space activities for their classrooms."
Sharon Boese

Nonofo Angela Mogopodi

Marang Junior Secondary School

Gaborone, South East


"Space education is almost non-existent in my country, so this opportunity will help pave the way for the upcoming generation."
Sharon Boese

Ruby Opoku

University of Ghana

Accra, Greater Accra


"I am passionate about the development of STEM in Ghana, therefore wherever I go, I try my best to advocate for the investigation of STEM paths."
Sharon Boese

Theresa Robertson

Platte City Middle School

Parkville, Missouri


"Since our students will be the next astronauts, engineers, researchers, and inventors, it is our job to create engaging programs that spark their creativity and interest in space travel."
Sharon Boese

Jessica Schmidt

Singing Hills Elementary School

Englewood, Colorado


"I want to bring the excitement of space to my community and encourage all students to reach for the stars."
Sharon Boese

Steve Sherman

Living Maths

Cape Town, Western Cape

South Africa

"As a STEAM educator, I travel around the country, visiting the poorest schools, to ensure that these students get access to role models. Money and location should not be an obstacle to inspiration."
Sharon Boese

Katharine Smushkov

Dual Immersion Academy

Grand Junction, Colorado


"I was born in Chile and would never imagine a program that would provide connections to teachers from all around the world, building a strong community without any barriers."
Sharon Boese

Tiffany Taylor

St. Charles High School

Waldorf, Maryland


"In my teaching philosophy, it is very important for students to develop problem-solving skills for future problems that the human race will face. "
Sharon Boese

Deb Thibodeau

South Bristol Elementary School

Georgetown, Maine


"I hope to create a spark within my students, that will burn so bright, that NOTHING will stand in their way of becoming a space scientist."
Sharon Boese

Laura Tomlin

Salado Middle School

Salado, Texas


"Careers in STEM, specifically NASA, now seem within grasp to our students. I would like to continue this momentum by adding to our curriculum, experiences, and resources."
Sharon Boese

Sandra Vasconcelos

AE Pedro Eanes Lobato

Amora, Seixa


"I try to develop in my students their curiosity about space and work their critical thinking as well as their communication skills and collaboration."

What is a Space Foundation International Teacher Liaison?

Space Foundation International Teacher Liaisons are extraordinary educators who use space-related education programs and principles to inspire the next generation of world changers, as well as advocate for space-inspired education in their schools and communities. Once selected for the program, Teacher Liaisons receive Space Foundation training and resources to further integrate space into their classrooms. This program is open to public, private, and homeschool teachers, as well as school administrators, principals, specialists, curriculum and instruction developers, and others who deliver education programs to students.

Started in 2004, this prestigious, internationally recognized program provides an honored few benefits and privileges that improve teaching skills, while impacting space and science education on an international level. More than 300 educators from around the world are active Space Foundation International Teacher Liaisons.

Space Foundation International Teacher Liaisons serve as active links between Space Foundation and their schools and communities, often collaborating with other space organizations such as NASA.

35th Space Symposium 2019

Space Foundation International Teacher Liaisons participating in a Teacher Workshop during the 35th Annual Space Symposium.

TL One

International Teacher Liaisons working together on a tech-oriented challenge in the Space Foundation Discovery Center Education Activity Center.

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