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Space Foundation Discovery Center

Space Foundation Discovery Center is the region's first and only space, science and technology attraction. It is an interactive, museum-quality destination that advances science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) in the exciting context of space exploration, development and utilization.

The Discovery Center features the El Pomar Space Gallery, displaying Space Foundation's collection of space artifacts. The Discovery Center is also home to the Lockheed Martin Space Education Center and the Northrop Grumman Science Center, featuring Science On a Sphere® and classroom/laboratory facilities for PreK through graduate level courses, educator professional development, educational multimedia events, and presentations for the general public.


The El Pomar Space Gallery is supported by a grant from El Pomar, a foundation that specializes in making grants to nonprofit organizations in Colorado. Visit

Recovery of Space Shuttle Columbia

“With Dignity, Honor, and Reverence: The Recovery of Space Shuttle Columbia” commemorates the 20th anniversary of the loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia and her crew that occurred on Feb. 1, 2003.

The exhibit focuses on the lives that were lost, the intensive recovery and investigation efforts that followed, and how those lessons learned apply to today’s space programs.

Current Moon Exploration

Although astronauts last walked on the Moon in 1972, the exploration of the Moon with robotic spacecraft has… [more]

Scale Model Rockets

Rockets boost objects from the ground into orbit, moving at speeds of at least five miles per second, or 25 times the… [more]

Mission to Europa

Take on the role of an Aquanaut, Biologist, or Communications Officer in this interactive, hands-on exhibit!

Scott Carpenter Station

Built by NASA to provide an undersea analog for the isolated environment of space.

Launch to the Moon

Explore the early lunar exploration and discoveries that resulted from both the Soviet and American experience.

Soviet and U.S. Space Suits

Space suits serve as self-contained spaceships that protect astronauts from extreme temperatures, micrometeoroids and… [more]

Lunar Module

See the spacecraft that allowed the Apollo astronauts to land on the Moon.

Space Food

Food eaten on space missions today is more sophisticated - and much tastier - than Apollo-era space food.

Mars Viking Lander

The imagery produced by the Viking program revolutionized our thinking about the presence of water on Mars.


Spacelab was the scientific laboratory used aboard the Space Shuttle.

Sponsor: El Pomar Foundation


The Lockheed Martin Space Education Center is supported by a grant from Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration of advanced technology systems, products, and services. Visit

Please note: Activities and demonstrations in the Lockheed Martin Space Education Center, AGI Space Missions Simulation Laboratory, and Mars Robotics Laboratory are subject to special hours. Please check with Discovery Center admission desk to find out what activities are available during your visit.

AGI Space Missions Simulation Laboratory

Give your students the opportunity to use the same state-of-the-art modeling and visualization software used by space… [more]

Mars Robotics Laboratory

Program robotic rovers to complete mission objectives on our simulated Martian terrain.

Sponsor: Lockheed Martin


The Northrop Grumman Science Center, featuring Science On a Sphere®, is supported by a grant from Northrop Grumman. Northrop Grumman is a leading global security company providing innovative systems, products and solutions in unmanned systems, cyber, C4ISR, and logistics and modernization to government and commercial customers worldwide. Visit

Science On a Sphere®

View our universe as never before on our dynamic spherical projection system featuring over 360 datasets.

Sponsor: Northrop Grumman