On display until November 18th

Tech Style: Unraveling the Fabric of Space Exploration

Examine an X-ray of Apollo A7-L Spacesuit Boots, giving you a unique glimpse into the intricate design and engineering that protect astronauts from the harsh lunar surface. Engage with our interactive station, "Dress the Astronaut," and experience first-hand the complexity and importance of properly equipping space explorers for their journeys. Honor the Heroes of Space, who dared to venture into the unknown, clad in these technological marvels. Inspect the Sokol K. Intravehicular/Rescue Suit, designed for safety and functionality within spacecraft, and don't miss the array of EMU/Spacesuit accessories that complete an astronaut's attire. Through this immersive exhibit, witness how the fusion of fashion and technology shapes the trajectory of our spacefaring adventures.



This exhibit includes the following featured artifact:



The Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) represents a marvel of engineering. This spacesuit, used by NASA astronauts during spacewalks, was designed to act as a personal spacecraft that could sustain life in the harsh vacuum of space.

What you can expect:


Dress the astronaut

An interactive experience for kids to color a provided drawing of their own astronaut


Historical Spacesuits

Browse through a collection of space and flight suits used throughout history


Heroes of Space

Learn about a handful of astronauts who took great strides in their career


Tech Style exhibit activity