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New Blog: Astronomy Observing Basics

Part 1

Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences in human history and can be an awe-inspiring and humbling endeavor. However, if you have no previous experience with the hobby, it can seem a bit intimidating. This article covers the best starting points for the hobby, the fundamentals for celestial observations, suitable tools and equipment for beginners, and tips to avoid mistakes and improve your chances of a rewarding night of stargazing. 


Part 2

Astronomy beckons both novice stargazers and seasoned observers to explore the mysteries of the universe. Any beginner wanting to fully appreciate the wonders that lie beyond our atmosphere may feel intimidated by the diverse types of equipment that seasoned stargazers use. When venturing into the realm of astronomy, choosing the right equipment can make the difference between a captivating night sky exploration and a frustrating endeavor.


James Webb Telescope Resources

Explore the wonders of the cosmos with the James Webb Space Telescope through our diverse range of resources. From interactive lesson plans illuminating the telescope's significance to captivating visual materials showcasing its ground-breaking capabilities, teachers and students can explore the frontier of astronomical research and discovery together.

Artemis Resources

If you are fascinated by humanity's return to the Moon, our dedicated section on the Artemis missions will be your launchpad. Explore comprehensive insights on Artemis, including its objectives, mission plans, and the most current updates. Educators can access ready-made lesson plans and educational resources that bring the excitement of lunar exploration into the classroom, making it an engaging topic for students of all ages.


Integrate space into your daily curriculum with this list of children’s picture books about space. Whether you're planning a thematic unit, teaching science standards, building your diverse classroom library, or simply searching for a captivating story to spark curiosity in young minds, this list is your ideal resource. The collection is organized into 9 categories with Lexile levels for each book in parenthesis, covering Astronauts, Astronomy, Board Books, History, Moon, Planets, Rockets, Tales of Space Travel, and Training and Life in Space.

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