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Space Foundation supports K through 12 students with standards-based curriculum that uses space principles to integrate science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) into all content areas. Programs are delivered virtually to students by our team of accredited educators.

Space Foundation Discovery Center takes advantage of extraordinary teaching tools to deliver our virtual field trip programs, including Science On a Sphere® and our programmable robots used in a simulated Martian environment.

The interactive virtual field trips for students we offer are available to individual classroom teachers; school districts and other educational institutions, including public and private schools, colleges and universities offering education curriculum; and homeschool organizations.

Discover the Universe - Voyage #5

  • Space Education Specialist led
  • $150/session
  • LIVE Science On a Sphere® presentation with Q & A
  • Maximum of 50 students
  • Up to 60 minutes (dependent on grade level)
  • Hands-on activity lesson plan will be shared with teacher
Birth of the Solar System

Tour of the Solar System
Grade Level/s: K-12
Students will learn about the Solar System and Earth's place within it, including the latest information on discoveries and the future of exploration.

NGSS standards: K-2-ETS1-1, K-2-ETS1-3, 1-ESS1, 2-ESS1, 2-PS1-3, 3-PS2-2, 3-5-ETS1-3, 5-ESS1-1, 5-ESS1-2, MS-ESS1-1, MS-ESS1-2, MS-ESS1-3. Addresses 21st century essential skills.

Image of Mars

Grade Level/s: 3-12
Mars: the fourth terrestrial planet in our solar system and the next great adventure in space exploration. Students will learn about the red planet, its features, and exploration of the past present and future.

NGSS standards: K-2-ETS1, 3-5 ETS1, 4-ESS1-1, 4-ESS2-2, MS-ESS1-3, MS-ESS2-1, MS-ESS2-2, MS-ESS2-3, MS-ETS1-1, MS-ETS1-2, MS-ETS1-3, MS-ETS1-4. Addresses 21st century essential skills.


Grade Level/s: 1-12
Students will learn about rocket design and the past, present, and future of rocket launches. Students will assemble rockets while thinking about how forces like direction and magnitude affect the motion of an object.

NGSS standards: K-PS2-2, K-2-ETS1-1, K-2-ETS1-1, K-2ETS1-3, 3-PS2-2, MS-ETS1, HS-ETS1. Addresses 21st century essential skills.


Grade Level/s: 3-8
Weather conditions change because of the uneven heating of Earth’s surface by the Sun’s energy.  Students will learn that weather changes are measured by differences in temperature, air pressure, wind, water vapor and changes in the atmosphere.

NGSS standards: 3-ESS2-1, 3-ESS2-2, 4-ESS3-1, 4-ESS3-2, 5-ESS2-2, MS-ESS2-4, MS-ESS2-6, HS-ESS2-4, HS-ESS2-5. Addressees 21st century essential skills.

Earth's Moon

Moon Phases
Grade Level/s: 2-6
The relative positions and motions of Earth, Moon, and Sun can be used to explain observable effects such as seasons, eclipses, and moon phases. Students will learn about these motions to further understand the phases of the moon.

NGSS standards: 1-ESS1, 2-ESS1, 3-PS2, 4-ESS1, 5-PS2, 5-ESS1. Addresses 21st century essential skills.

Reasons for the Seasons

Reason for the Seasons
Grade Level/s: K-2
Students will learn about the Earth's tilt and its orbit around the sun, and how these cause the seasons year after year.

NGSS standards: K-PS3-1, 1-ESS1-1, 1-ESS1-2, 2-ESS1-1. Addresses 21st century essential skills.

Mars Robotics Laboratory

  • Space Education Specialist led
  • $375/session
  • Maximum of 15 students
  • 120 minute session
  • Minimal technical requirements needed to access this offering
mars rover model

Robotics Exploration Mission
Grade Level/s: 4-12
Students engaging in this virtual mission will work in teams to complete mission objectives programming and operating robots on our simulated Martian terrain. These missions will improve students's teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills as well as enhance math, technology and engineering proficiency.

NGSS standards: 3-5 ETS 1-1, 3-5 ETS 1-2, 3-5 ETS1-3, HS-ETS 1-2. Addressees 21st century essential skills.

Become a Teacher Liaison

Teacher liaisons are extraordinary educators who use space-related education programs and principles in the classroom to act as advocates for space-based education in their schools and districts.

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