James Webb
Space Telescope

Empowering science, exploration, and discovery

Space Foundation is honored to be chosen as the home for the only full-scale model of the James Webb Space Telescope, generously donated by Northrop Grumman. A $30 million dollar campaign is underway to build a new home that will showcase the model and create new programming that highlights the fascinating discoveries that Webb is making every day and getting these discoveries out to the Colorado Springs community and to students around the world.

james webb launch

Launched on Dec. 25, 2021, and orbiting the Sun 1 million miles away from Earth, this unique scientific instrument is revealing our universe’s history while inspiring new generations to find their place in it. Webb enables us to explore the origin and composition of our Universe as it has never been seen before. From the first luminous glows after the Big Bang, to the formation of solar systems capable of supporting life on planets like Earth, and through the evolution of our own Solar System, humanity is uncovering new answers to the biggest questions in space each and every day.