On display until November 18th

Gazing Homeward: Earth as Seen from Space

Our journeys into the cosmos have granted us unique perspectives of our own planet. 'A View From Space' offers glimpses into this experience, from satellite imagery of our cities and natural wonders, to tracking the environmental impacts of human activity. The exhibit showcases innovations like GPS and interactive displays of seasonal changes, as well as ceiling models of renowned satellites and space stations. Through this immersive exhibit, we explore how our cosmic ventures have given us not just a view, but a newfound understanding of our home planet.



This exhibit includes the following featured artifacts:


Mars Viking Lander

The Mars Viking Lander was an ambitious mission that marked a significant milestone in space exploration. Launched by NASA in 1975, the Viking Landers were the first spacecraft to successfully touch down on Martian soil and transmit high-resolution images and extensive data back to Earth. Their findings continue to inform our understanding of the Red Planet's geology and potential for life.



The GPS Block IIA satellites, launched between 1990 and 1997, represent a critical development in the history of global positioning technology. These second-generation satellites improved upon the capabilities of their predecessors, enhancing signal reliability and accuracy. Their successful deployment paved the way for the GPS systems we rely on today, revolutionizing everything from navigation to timekeeping.

What you can expect:


Eyes in the Sky

Experience the world through the lens of a satellite in our "Satellite Vision" component. From the grandeur of the Grand Canyon to the bustling cityscape of Manhattan, gain a unique perspective that only a view from space can provide.


Monitors of Mother Earth

Learn how satellites measure and monitor environmental impact in "Changing Our Planet". See first-hand how these indispensable tools track the effects of climate change and natural disasters like hurricanes.


Journey Among the Stars

Explore various satellite models like GPS Block 11A, Space Station MIR, Intelsat V, and SES-1, hanging from the ceiling as if in their own orbits. Engage with our "Seasonal Changes" interactive and understand the vital role satellites play in tracking annual shifts in Earth's ecosystems.


A View from Space exhibit activity