On display until November 18th

Learn about the history and legacy of the Space Shuttle!

Visitors to the exhibit will learn about the Space Shuttle's history through understanding its design and the people who were a part of the Shuttle missions. Hands-on activities bring Seeking Beyond to life as visitors design and test their own "space planes," learn what it took to fuel up the massive Solid Rocket Boosters, and design their own mission patch. The exhibit also explores the legacy of the Space Shuttle program on future space exploration missions like the Space Launch System and beyond.


What you can expect:


Blueprints of Innovation

Delve into the intricacies of Designing the Space Shuttle. Discover how engineers and scientists transformed a dream into reality, creating an iconic symbol of space exploration.


Gearing Up for Space

Take a close look at a Space Shuttle Tire, a vital yet often overlooked component. Learn how it withstands the extreme conditions of space travel and runway landings.


Modeling the Future

Witness how ideas take flight with the Space Shuttle Concept Wind Tunnel Model, and see how this tool was essential in refining the design for optimal aerodynamics and safety.


Seeking Beyond exhibit activity