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Spacelab was the scientific laboratory used aboard the Space Shuttle. Ten European nations contributed to the development of Spacelab through the European Space Agency and in partnership with NASA.

Spacelab was first flown on STS-9 aboard Space Shuttle Columbia in 1983, and was last flown on STS-90 in 1998. Spacelab flights carried either the module, a pallet, or the Spacelab Multipurpose Experiment Support Structure (MPESS) in the payload bay of the Shuttle. Experiments on Spacelab focused on the life sciences, micro-gravity, and observations of Earth and its atmosphere.

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What you can expect:


Birth of a Space Laboratory

Trace the exciting history of Spacelab from its maiden flight on STS-9 aboard Space Shuttle Columbia.


The Many Faces of Spacelab

Discover the various configurations of Spacelab, whether it be the module, a pallet, or the Multipurpose Experiment Support Structure (MPESS).


Laboratory in the Stars

Explore the variety of experiments conducted in Spacelab.


Spacelab exhibit activity