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Audience with an Astronaut STEM Outreach Event

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Audience with an Astronaut STEM Outreach Event

The USAFA Office of STEM Outreach and Space Foundation proudly present our annual Audience with an Astronaut and STEM Outreach Event.

Event Series:

October 5, 2020 - October 10, 2020




Event Details:


Astronaut Presentation
Students listen to astronaut, Duane Carey, and learn first-hand what it takes to become an astronaut. The presentation consists of an informational and inspirational talk followed by a Q&A session.  Video link.

Chemistry of Rockets
“The Chemistry of Rockets” is presented to local schools, festivals, STEM events and community gatherings by the United States Air Force Academy’s (USAFA) Department of Chemistry. The purpose of “The Chemistry of Rockets” is to get students of all ages excited about the wonders of chemistry and learn how chemistry launches rockets, astronauts, and satellites into space. The presentation consists of a series of chemical reactions each building on the principals of rocket propulsion.  The chemical demonstrations explain properties of good and not so good rocket fuel. Be prepared to become a Rocket Scientist! Video link.

Watch a Rocket Launch
The Air Force Academy’s Department of Astronautics is proud to showcase the launch of a water rocket from our very own parade field! Built here at the Space Systems Research Center, this water rocket is used to educate future air and space leaders on the concepts of rocketry. A cadet will explain the basic physics of rocket launches and describe how our water rocket is both similar and different from rockets that launch humans and satellites into space! Video link.

Once you've watched the water rocket lesson, here's a follow-up activity just for you! Research, design and create your own water rocket! Blast Off into 2021 Water Rocket Directions Then USAFA and Space Foundation will launch it INTO THE NEW YEAR! We'll record launch day and you can view it here: https://www.discoverspace.org/

Physics is Phun Show
Hosted by the Air Force Academy Physics Department, the “Physics is Phun” show illuminates the mysterious side of forces at work in our world. Students will witness electricity at play and observe its relationship with magnetism. Video link.