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The Junior Space Entrepreneur Program (JSEP) better prepares today’s youth to secure STEAM positions within aerospace companies while providing an immersive educational experience. Embark on a complete Mars mission encompassing all the challenges that come with sending astronauts to our neighboring planet and returning them safely to the Earth. Participants will utilize newly gained knowledge of Mars and the skills taught through the Space Foundation Space Commerce to develop their own business.


The Junior Space Entrepreneur Program (JSEP), a space education initiative of Space Foundation, received an Honorable Mention in Fast Company’s 2020 World Changing Ideas Awards competition.

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21st Century Essential Skills


Lifelong STEM Learning

JSEP creates young entrepreneurs through fun, challenging activities that improve and build on 21st Century Essential Skills. Create, develop, and market a space product to sell to real investors. Receive one-on-one mentoring from experts in various STEAM fields to strengthen your project management skills and build a vast network of valuable connections. Give your students an astronomical advantage above the STEAM competition by signing up for the Jr. Space Entrepreneurship Program!

JSEP Program Goals


Entrepreneurship Goals

  • Identify personality strengths and traits
  • Improve collaboration skills and brainstorming techniques
  • Identify and vetting problems for consumers
  • Identify profitable business solutions

Business Goals

  • Create a product or service for Public, Private, or Government use
  • Create a marketable brand
  • Identify your competition
  • Learn financial structuring and legalities
  • Construct a sustainable business model
  • Create a marketing strategy for customers and investors

Educational Goals


  • Aerodynamic principles vital to space flight
  • How to create fuel from water through electrolysis
  • To calculate trajectory equations for flight planning
  • Sustainable food and water production cycles
  • Problem-solving skills and techniques
  • Engineering principles for mechanical, and systems engineering
  • To identify specific geology features and their importance
  • To identify biological traits that support the evidence of life
  • Programming and 3D designing skills


  • The use and capabilities of robotic rovers
  • The use of various space-based technologies
  • The use and capabilities of drones in space operations


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