The Future is Here!

Join us for a VIP Reception as we celebrate the grand re-opening of Space Foundation Discovery Center! 

Our team is ready to share the new and expanded universe of hands-on inspiration and interactive learning about space and science; how it betters life on Earth; and, how you are part of it all! 

VIP Invite

VIP Reception Details:

DATE: Thursday, June 13, 2024
5:30 – 7:30pm
LOCATION: Space Foundation Discovery Center
4425 Arrowswest Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

The Future Unveiled in:


Transformative Journey

Embark on a journey through time and space as we unveil the evolution of the Space Foundation Discovery Center. Witness the remarkable transformation unfold from humble beginnings to the awe-inspiring pinnacle of innovation. These images serve as a testament to the journey we've embarked upon.

From inception to fruition, come and explore our new Drone Zone, the Boeing Additive Manufacturing lab as well as our reenergized Science on Sphere, expanded Mars Yard and so much more. 

For more than a decade, Space Foundation Discovery Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado has welcomed students, teachers, families, and visitors from around the world to inspire, educate and prepare the next generation of explorers and innovators as they take their place with space.

The future is here, and you are invited to be one of the first to see our expanding, engaging and inspiring Space Foundation Discovery Center! With our construction done and our exhibits and new learning labs in place there is only one thing left missing in our bigger and better universe.  YOU!


This celestial affair is reserved for a select group of visionaries and innovators. If you've received this invitation, consider yourself among the elite few granted access to this extraordinary event. RSVP now to secure your place amongst the stars.