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7. Planning a Virtual Field Trip

 Episode Seven: Planning a Virtual Field Trip Taking a field trip this school year might not be on the agenda. A great alternative would be to take a virtual…


8. Creating Virtual Labs

 Episode Eight: Creating Virtual Labs The demand for virtual lab experiences are increasing along with the challenges of implementing them. In this episode we discuss three lab experiences offered…


5. Meeting Your Virtual Needs

 Episode Five: Meeting Your Virtual Needs Depending on school or district policies, educators may be limited to using certain web-based platforms. In this episode we discuss 10, free web-based…


3. Engaging Students through a Screen

 Episode Three: Engaging Students through a Screen Engaging your audience is a difficult task in any setting and accomplishing this virtually adds another dynamic. In this episode we discuss…


10. Audience with an Astronaut

 Episode Ten: Audience with an Astronaut This episode features an interview with Retired Lt. Col. Duane “Digger” Carey as he discusses the influences that lead him to becoming a…


2. Editing Made Easy

 Episode Two: Editing Made Easy Editing is a key component to delivering an engaging and impactful virtual lesson. In this episode, we will show you how to perform simple…


1. Less Equipment, More Impact

 Episode One: Less Equipment, More Impact What equipment is needed to execute a virtual teaching session?  In this episode we’ll discuss the necessary equipment and physical setup of your…

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