Smore and BrainPOP

This episode features two, unique ways that you can TRANSFORM engagement for both students and parents alike!!!

– Smore will help you take your newsletters to the next level with built-in tools that make communicating with families and students fast, effective, and cute . . . all at the same time!!!
– BrainPOP’s animated movies engage students via narration, humor, and characters who speak in voice kids can relate to, encouraging self-directed learning and further exploration of the world around them. BrainPOP has an entire lineup of programming, ensuring that there truly is something for everyone! The best part . . . BrainPOP is offering FREE access for educators, families, and students alike, so this is the PERFECT time to see what BrainPOP has to offer YOU!!!
BrainPOP Jr. (K–3)
BrainPOP Español

Auxilia is a series of online learning modules produced by the Space Foundation Education and Discovery Center Teams.


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