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Summer of Discovery

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Summer of Discovery: Better Living Through Space

We might not all become astronauts, but that doesn’t mean our lives aren’t impacted by space every day. Better Living Through Space is an interactive exhibit that explores the technological impacts of space exploration on our lives here on Earth through the lens of sports, medicine, and more!

The new date for the grand opening of Better Living Through Space is still to be determined. Please check back!

Learning labs, dates and times to be determined. Sessions will vary for each, check back for more details. 

Space technology learning labs to watch for:

  • 3D printing: When we go to space, we will be able to take only a limited number of items. With 3D printing technology, we can literally print the habitats we will live in. Come try your hand at modeling tools and technology that helps us expand our lives in space and on Earth.
  • Thermal Protection Systems: How hot is too hot? When it comes to reentering the Earth’s atmosphere, the Orion space capsule will experience temperatures hotter than the surface of the Sun! The technology we use to get astronauts safely home to Earth can be used to protect us in many thermal materials.
  • Space and Art: We would not have exploration without creativity. Art and science go hand-in-hand. Join us as we use space to provide the inspiration for creative works of art. And learn how art has inspired great engineering feats in space.
  • Water Filtration Design Challenge: Space technology is literally saving lives. Challenge yourself to create a water filter that removes contaminates naturally. See how technology on the International Space Station has helped create clean drinking water for millions on Earth.
  • Mars Exploration: We have learned a lot about Mars, but there is still more to discover. And the best way to experience that is on a room-sized map! Explore Mars like you never have before with a giant Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) map.
  • Colorado Springs Fire Department: We will be joined by members from the local fire department to demonstrate what materials and equipment has come from space research.

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