No one Goes to Space Alone!

In these unprecedented times of quarantines and social distancing to contain the novel COVID-19/Coronavirus, the  Space Foundation and Space Foundation Discovery Center will continue be there for you as your community space resource.   As we often like to say, “no one goes to space alone,” it is never lost on any of us that it takes all of us to turn the impossible into reality. Whether that is putting a man on the Moon; landing rovers on Mars; or, taking pictures of unknown galaxies. We cherish rewriting history books and discovering new paths to success, even in the face of the most difficult of circumstances as was demonstrated by the Apollo 13 mission, some 50 years ago. We call on all of you, our community, to do your part to continue to make square pegs and round holes work together, so that we may move onward and upward as a community…the space community.

The Space Foundation Discovery Center remains closed to maintain the safety and health of our staff and the public during the COVID-19 pandemic until further notice. We will be conducting weekly reassessments and will post any new updates as our status changes. We are grateful for your continued support during these unprecedented times, and we look forward to welcoming you back to the Space Foundation Discovery Center once any quarantine restrictions are lifted.

If you purchased tickets to the Space Foundation Discovery Center during this time period, we will be happy to honor them once the Discovery Center re-opens to the public. For those who might consider your ticket a donation to us, this gesture of support would help relieve some of the operational and financial stress that the Space Foundation Discovery Center may face over the next few weeks and months. Your donation to the Space Foundation Discovery Center is fully tax-deductible. Make a Donation.
Although onsite programs and access have been suspended, the Space Foundation Discovery Center is continuing to provide online programs and access, including:

  • Professional learning for educators
  • Learn-at-home resources for families and students [link] 
  • Ways to visit the Space Foundation Discovery Center from home [link]
  • Find additional videos, blog posts, and interactive content on [link?]
  • Online store with suggested Discovery Center classroom resource kits [link]

For the most up-to-date information and to engage with us, follow the Space Foundation Discovery Center on social media
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Please continue to refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the latest information and safety guidelines.

The Space Foundation Discovery Center is following the guidance of the State of Colorado, City of Colorado Springs/El Paso County and, once again, will be keeping visitors updated as additional guidance is issued.