FAQs for Visitors

When will [X] experience reopen?
Any experience, exhibit, or display that has been removed or closed due to health concerns (this includes all instances where touching is a primary component) will remain removed or closed until Local and State health officials declare it safe to reinstate it and the risk of pandemic has passed.

Will masks be required?
Yes, a face covering will be required to be worn by all Guests and Team Members above the age of two years old. Anyone not wearing a face covering will not be allowed entry into the Discovery Center and will have their tickets refunded.

What if I forgot my mask? Will masks be provided?
A select number of masks may be sold in the SFDC Store but availability is not guaranteed. It is recommended you bring a mask or other face covering (such as a scarf or bandana) from home for your personal use.

What if I don’t want to wear a mask?
Anyone not wearing a mask will not be allowed inside the Discovery Center or SFDC Store.

Will temperature screenings be required?
No, not at this time.

How will physical distancing guidelines be implemented?
Floor markings will be present at 6-foot intervals throughout the Discovery Center. Science on a Sphere will have every other seat blocked off for presentations while the Mars Robotics Lab will only use every other rover station. Team Members will also be watching and reminding Guests to maintain social distancing throughout our spaces.

How are you monitoring capacity?
Our Guest Relations Team Members are counting the number of Guests as they enter and exit the facility. If we have reached our new, temporarily reduced capacity, those Team Members will only allow new entrances once the same number of Guests have left.

How can I make a ticket reservation?
Click here to access our online ticketing system. Buying your tickets online is recommended to help you save time and reduces the need to stand in a line at check-in.

Are online tickets required?
At this time, we strongly recommend you purchase your tickets in advance. Advance tickets help you avoid a crowd and proceed through your check-in faster. They can also guarantee a touchless check-in for your party.

Is the SFDC Store going to be open? Do I need a reservation to shop?
Yes, the SFDC Store will be reopening its physical space alongside the Discovery Center itself. You do not need a reservation or Discovery Center ticket to shop. However, there may be a wait to get in if it is busy, as the number of Guests allowed inside the Store will be limited for social distancing purposes.

You may also visit our online store selections and receive free curbside pickup at discoverspace.org/store.

What if I have more questions?
Send us an email! Write to [email protected] and someone from our Guest Relations Team will be happy to help.