Robert Gagnon

Robert Gagnon

Director, Education

Robert “Bobby” Gagnon serves as the Director of Education for Space Foundation. As Director, Bobby is responsible for all educational programming.

Prior to this role, Gagnon was a Senior Instructor at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) for ten years. Bobby developed and taught within UCCSTeach, a preservice licensure program for secondary math, science, and engineering majors. He also served as a mentor for the Alternative Licensure Program during his tenure.  

Bobby has worked with numerous school districts around Colorado and the nation. He has served as a contracted liaison with local districts to bring STEM education further to the forefront of their strategic design. He has worked to develop curriculum, bringing hands-on experiences to students of all ages, PreK-12.  

Bobby’s publications include works ranging from project-based instruction, technology in the classroom, to nanotechnology. He has a wide range of interests and is a member of multiple organizations that work to connect science and education.  

In addition to the UCCSTeach program, Bobby taught both physics and astrophysics and was selected to be on multiple teams studying orbital design and gravitational insertion. His passion has always been space and education, making Space Foundation a natural fit for his mission and goals.  

This is Bobby’s second time working for Space Foundation, being an Aerospace Education Specialist the first time around. He believes that every student deserves the opportunity to learn about space and be passionate about their interests.