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The Space Foundation is based in Colorado Springs. It is dedicated to promoting educational activities related to STEAM.

These activities are designed to engage students from PreK through 20. Exploring this fascinating world can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Our dedicated team of accredited educators delivers these programs directly to students in laboratory, classroom, and after-school settings. We provide Immersive Educational Experiences. This transforms theoretical knowledge into practical skills and understanding. Students get to apply their learning in real-world scenarios.

The Space Foundation Discovery Center offers educational activities in Colorado Springs. These activities take place primarily at our space education center, which is housed within the Discovery Center. Here, students have the chance to learn in unique environments like the El Pomar Space Gallery, the AGI Space Mission Simulation Laboratory, the Lockheed Martin Space Education Center, and the Northrop Grumman Science Center. Each facility offers an unrivaled opportunity for science field trips in Colorado.

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Whether you're planning field trips in Colorado Springs or looking to supplement classroom learning, the Space Foundation Discovery Center offers a unique, inspiring setting for learners to explore the wonders of the cosmos.

Immersive Programs

Our "Immersive Education" programs utilize cutting-edge technology and extraordinary teaching tools, such as Science On a Sphere®, programmable robots in a simulated Martian environment, and sophisticated software programs used by professional aerospace engineers. This offers students a rare opportunity to see first-hand how classroom concepts are applied in the professional world.


Our educational offerings extend beyond typical classroom walls, encompassing individual classroom teachers, school districts, other educational institutions (including public and private schools, colleges, and universities offering education curriculum), and homeschool organizations. Fees for our programs vary depending on the complexity of the program, location, and number of students involved.

Diversity in Learning

We recognize the significance of diversity in learning environments. Therefore, we provide customized programs to instruct and reinforce standards-based activities in classroom settings. These experiences make our facilities a premier destination for school field trips in Colorado Springs.

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Become a Teacher Liaison

Teacher liaisons are extraordinary educators who use space-related education programs and principles in the classroom to act as advocates for space-based education in their schools and districts.

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