Discovery Center Rules and Regulations

Operating Hours

Our regular operating hours are posted on the Space Foundation Discovery Center website and, under normal circumstances, we will be open as posted. Occasionally, we may have to close for inclement weather, private functions or issues that affect access to the building. In those cases, we will post closing information on the website here.

On weekdays during the school year, we will generally follow the Colorado Springs School District 11 inclement weather policy; however, it is wise to check the home page if you are concerned.

The Discovery Center may close for holidays and extreme weather. For status, please call 719.576.8000.

Space Foundation Discovery Center Rules and Regulations

We appreciate your support in keeping the Space Foundation Discovery Center safe, clean, pleasant and educational and we ask that you observe the following rules and regulations, which are necessary to ensure the orderly and safe operation of the El Pomar Space Gallery, the Northrop Grumman Science Center and Space Foundation grounds. As a private institution, the Space Foundation may exercise the following at any time without notice and without liability:

    • Admission to administrative facilities or restricted areas is limited to Space Foundation team members and authorized persons
    • Access to Space Foundation property may be restricted to the public at any time without advance notice, reason, cause or explanation and is otherwise permissible only upon presentation of a valid visitor pass
    • Visitor passes are non-transferable and may not be reproduced
    • Any coupons must be presented prior to admission purchase
    • Refunds will not be issued after purchase is complete
    • Failure to obey an order to leave the Space Foundation property or to reenter Space Foundation property after being asked to leave or not reenter is prohibited and may result in involvement of local law enforcement and criminal charges being filed
    • Groups consisting of children aged 18 or younger must be chaperoned by at least one adult per ten children; children must be supervised at all times
    • Special events hosted by non-Space Foundation persons or organizations are prohibited unless express permission has been given by Space Foundation
    • Dismissal from Space Foundation Property is warranted upon a Space Foundation team member's determination that a visitor has engaged in disorderly or prohibited conduct; disorderly and prohibited conduct can include, but is not limited to:
      • Impeding, threatening, intimidating or intentionally interfering with any person located on the Space Foundation property
      • Threatening, resisting, intimidating, knowingly giving false or fictitious information or intentionally interfering with a Space Foundation team member
      • Running or other conduct that could potentially damage exhibits or endanger or disturb visitors
      • Making loud noises, yelling, or using profane, threatening or inappropriate language
      • Not wearing a shirt or shoes
      • Conducting commercial, religious, political or social activities including: campaigning, selling products, demonstrating, picketing, rallying, petitioning, soliciting, vending, loitering or distributing, posting or leafleting of materials
      • Eating, drinking, chewing gum, smoking, gambling or possessing or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
      • Willfully defacing, destroying, altering, damaging, removing or tampering with Space Foundation property, including structures, furnishings, fixtures, artifacts, exhibits, equipment and/or computers
      • Handling artifacts, exhibits or equipment
      • Leaning, climbing or sitting on exhibits or display cases
      • Sketching with art supplies, markers or pens other than a pencil and paper
    • Permissible handbags, backpacks and belongings are limited to 8" x 17" x 19"; any items larger than this, including walking sticks, umbrellas, skateboards, baby strollers, car seats and baby carriers, must be left in visitor vehicles or checked with the receptionist; canes, walkers, wheelchairs or other disability-assistance equipment are permissible, but visitors are advised to be careful in tight areas.
    • Space Foundation team members maintain sole discretion to request any item or personal belonging be returned to the visitor's vehicle
    • Visitors and their personal belongings may be subject to random searches at the sole discretion of Space Foundation
    • Dismissal from Space Foundation property may also be based upon possession of a prohibited item, including:
      • Any item deemed inappropriate by Space Foundation team members
      • Alcoholic beverages, controlled substances or illegal drugs
      • Clothing with offensive images or language
      • Roller/in-line skates or shoes with wheels
      • Pets and animals other than certified and trained service and law enforcement animals
    • Firearms, weapons and explosives, either openly carried or concealed, are not permitted on the private grounds of the Space Foundation; this applies to visitors with firearm permits, but does not apply to active duty law enforcement personnel authorized to carry firearms
    • All visitors who suffer bodily injury on Space Foundation property or who have knowledge of damage to Space Foundation property must immediately report the incident to Space Foundation team members
    • Visitors are asked to report suspicious or inappropriate behavior to a Space Foundation team member
    • Non-flash personal photography is permitted in non-restricted areas; reporters, professional photographers, videographers or cinematographers must contact the Space Foundation communications department for approval to photograph, tape, film or conduct interviews in the Discovery Center
    • Cars must be parked appropriately and locked with neither children nor animals remaining in them
    • Bicycles, scooters, upright scooters, tricycles or skateboards must be parked in the designated areas outside
    • Space Foundation reserves the right, at any time and for any reason, to implement additional and/or more restrictive rules and regulations; we also reserve the right to deny admission to any member of the public who is considered to be a threat to the safety of Space Foundation property, customers or guests

Check Space Foundation Events Calendar to see planned closures; click here.

Failure to adhere to Discovery Center rules and regulations could result in immediate ejection from the property without reimbursement of the cost of admission and/or local law enforcement involvement to file criminal charges.

Your admission ticket/receipt is a revocable license and, in accepting it, you agree that your presence at the Discovery Center, including the El Pomar Space Gallery and the Northrop Grumman Science Center, is at the express invitation of Space Foundation. You also agree to abide by the rules and regulations listed on this page.