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Space Foundation World Space Week 2022

October 4-10, 2022

As we celebrate World Space Week 2022 – ”Space and Sustainability,” Space Foundation invites you to join us for Unity In Space, our weeklong celebration of the incredible impact we can have on our planet and beyond by working together as a global space community, and how space is better when everyone works towards a sustainable future.

We have special programming providing:

  • Information and key industry insights;
  • Education for students, teachers, and professionals; and,
  • Collaboration across the global space ecosystem.

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October 4

Boeing Art Showcase - Art In The Stars

October 4

Reading of Earth: My first 4.54 Billion Years

October 5

Robots and Coding

October 6

Space Matters

October 7

Live Mission Briefing

October 8

Electricity & Circuits

October 10

Join us next Saturday to celebrate!