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Future Space Scholars Meet: National Competition

Future Space Scholars Meet: National Competition

Get ready to learn, be amazed and explore!

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May 8 - May 9


$250 fee per team/ Teams consist of 12-15 High School students and 1 Adult sponsor
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Virtual Presentations Only

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Future Space Scholars Meet: National Competition

May 8th & May 9th (Virtual Presentations ONLY)

It has been almost fifty years since humans last set foot on the Moon . . . and plans are already underway to send astronauts BACK to the Moon’s surface by 2024. These astronauts will STEP where no human has ever been before: the Moon’s South Pole. However, this is only the beginning of a NEW era in space exploration . . . an era in which the space industry is anticipated to undergo exponential growth, sending missions farther and farther away from home. This will require capabilities that far exceed those of our current technology and innovations. Finding solutions to these challenges will require an entirely new skill-set and a collaborative environment to solve, including partnerships that span the globe.

Join the Space Foundation as we work TOGETHER to prepare the NEXT generation of scientists, engineers, and space pioneers to face the challenges of tomorrow through real-world applications of 21st Century Essential Learning Skills TODAY!

Students in grades 9th – 12th will work collaboratively in teams to design, plan, execute, and present their solution to a specific challenge facing the global space community of tomorrow, as we prepare to move beyond low-Earth orbit and make plans to inhabit the Moon, Mars, and beyond! This challenge will be described in a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP), which will be emailed to the sponsoring adult of each team exactly 24-hours prior to the scheduled student presentation time.

Students must develop a comprehensive proposal to tackle the presented challenge, including everything to sustain human life, and must also address the following four components:
• Underlying Rationale for the Proposal
• Integrity in Design
• Economic Sustainability
• Consistency among all Cooperating Entities

Please direct any questions to . . .
Jodie Guillen: [email protected]
Amber Bjork: [email protected]


The year is 2065.

Humans have finally expanded beyond low-Earth orbit, and with a successful human settlement on the Moon, sights have been set firmly back on Mars. Preliminary outpost studies have indicated that asteroid mining may just be the key to unlocking the resources held deep within the Martian terrain. With those resources at our disposal, the first human habitat on the surface of Mars is finally within our grasp! However, with Mars 140 million miles away from home, and the team capable of pulling off this feat of engineering numbering in the thousands, the struggle before humanity is very real!

Enter Mission Vulcan . . . 

The task ahead will be fraught with difficulty, including unexpected dangers around every corner, and the very survival of the first humans on the surface of Mars is in your hands. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to develop a comprehensive proposal to tackle the presented challenge, including everything required to sustain human life.

Which team will survive to the end?
Who will be able to withstand the intense pressure?
Which three teams will earn their spot to compete at the International FSSM Competition in October?

The answers to these questions are all up to YOU!!!!

Future Space Scholars Meet 2020


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