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Denise Kuehner

Denise Kuehner is a Teacher Liaison in Flight 12-15. She became a teacher through New Jersey’s Alternate Route program so she could train the next generation of scientists and engineers. She’s taught chemistry and environmental science at the high school level, and in 2013 started the best job ever, as K-6 Science Lab Specialist at…

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Introducing LunchBytes: LUNCH WITH A PURPOSE!!!


Space Foundation ‘LunchBytes’ are NEW mini sessions that give you the opportunity to enjoy quality PD AND your PB&J . . . ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! These mini sessions are designed for any teacher to watch during your lunch or planning period! Did I mention that they are FREE?!?!?! Learn how to write grants, integrate technology in your classroom, catch up on quick space facts, and so much more!

Astronaut Training

This lesson is structured as stations that students visit in small groups. At each station, students use a skill that astronauts develop when they train for space missions. The students learn about the physical and academic preparation that is needed during astronaut training. The activities help them to understand the process that astronauts go through,…

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The Making of a LunchByte

This video shows the making of a LunchByte, filmed through the lens of Teacher Liaison Denise Kuehner’s, “Astronaut Training Lesson.”

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Transit of Mercury

In November of 2019, Mercury we transit the Sun for the last time until the year 2032. This quick lunch byte gives information on what it means when Mercury transits the Sun as well as ideas on how to add a hands-on activity element to make a complete Earth & Space Science lesson.

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Mars Glider Challenge

Learn about aerodynamic principles in this engaging design challenge. Work in teams to engineer a physical object that utilizes aerodynamic principles to create a glider. Use math skills to calculate the glide ratio and glide angle of your glider.

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Beyond the PowerPoint

In this “Space Foundation Lunch Byte,” I’ll share with you some fantastic web-based presentations to improve lesson delivery and increase student involvement and excitement. Let’s go BEYOND the PowerPoint and turn learning into fun again!

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The Basics of Telescopes

Looking to learn about telescopes? Want to find the right telescope to fit your needs? You will learn about the basic parts and functions of a telescope, understand the meaning behind telescope specifications and demonstrate a simple setup to get you viewing the night sky quickly and easily. Come join us as Space Foundation introduce…

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Mission Possible: Grant Writing 101

Join Jodie Guillen, Space Education Specialist at the Space Foundation in Colorado Springs, Colorado, as she helps you bring that mission IMPOSSIBLE into the realm of possibility! Mission Possible: Grant-Writing 101 will help you hit the ground running with the tools and resources you need to write your first grant!

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UCAR Drones

This video explains how to implement Engineering Design Challenges while using Drones in the classroom.

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STEAM: The Art of Exoplanets

Space Foundation Space Education Specialist Leanne Rehme explains exoplanets and includes a related art project for your students.

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